Through humor, I hope to suggest critiques

of our learned art world, challenging the obvious assumptions that we routinely

follow. Stereotypes and our tendency to generalize, along with hierarchical material associations, visually wrestle for the

spotlight. Expectations of what is considered historically or culturally valuable are exaggerated for the compositional battle,

and the form is dictated by the inherent

nature of the material.

I create works that raise questions rather

than statements, with curiosity for

uncovering cultural associations through artistic applications. My work gives validity back to discredited material with support

from tried and true forms and media,

causing conversation with image, object

and material.

Currently, I am exploring a new series as an extension of these concepts. Cats, recently made interesting due to internet memes, judge my abstractions in a disapproving way, as they do everything. The battle has begun: Cats vs. Art.